New Electrical Construction Installation

Your Safety Is in Good Hands

Think for a moment about your car. How well would it run if the manufacturer built it negligently? You probably wouldn’t get very far. And if you did, you wouldn’t be safe.

Well, the same applies to your electric. If your system isn’t properly installed, you’re not going to get full use out of your electric. More importantly, it won’t be safe to use it.

Providing electrical installations since 1982, Goodberlet has everything you need to enjoy a safe and efficient electrical system. Whether you need house electrical wiring or a new system from the ground up, we’ll make your electric as good as gold!

Your Deadlines = Our Deadlines

Trusted electrical work is one thing. It’s another to perform the work on schedule. At Goodberlet, we understand you have tight deadlines to meet. That’s why we make it a point to provide fast, reliable service that will keep you ahead of schedule. We’ll also work within your budget to ensure your full peace of mind and satisfaction. When other companies delay projects and cause headaches for clients, Goodberlet puts the customer experience first.

Your One-Stop Solution for Electrical Installation

Goodberlet is your trusted source for quality installation work. Here’s how we can help you with your electric:

  • New construction wiring
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Electrical panel installation
  • Electrical add-ons
  • Generator installation
  • Surge protection

Visit our electrical page to see a complete listing of our electrical services.

Empower Your Electric With Goodberlet

From house electrical wiring to lighting installation, we’re here to meet all your electrical needs. Give your electric the strongest start possible with the highly trained experts at Goodberlet.

To get started with your project or to learn more about our new electrical construction services, call Goodberlet Home Services at (815) 937-0189 or contact us online today.